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The Changing Face of Brain Optimization

Even though nootropics are finally hitting the mainstream, they have been around for quite some time. Many of the most popular nootropic drugs, such as piracetam and noopept, have now been around for 5-7 decades depending on when you look at the data. This is a huge time gap for people to experiment with said drugs!

Even though most people haven’t experienced the entire series of decades with nootropic drugs, there are plenty of people that have been at the forefront at an early time. Tim Ferriss was operating his nootropic or supplement business when he produced the 4-Hour Work Week and it has been a topic of much debate since then.

In this article, we are going to talk about how the brain optimization world is changing. You’re going to find that plenty of things are happening and it is worth paying attention to.

Technology and Brain Developments

The technological advances that are happening are perhaps one of the most important things that is changing the way people think about brain health. For example, people are now able to use EEG and fMRI scans in order to better understand their own brain waves. These are some huge tools that have made a big difference already and will continue to do so.

The EEG and fMRI tests are showing just how much nootropics can actually help. For example, L-theanine is a nootropic that improves alpha brain waves. Scientists can only determine this through tests on EEG machines. The EEG machines are just the beginning.

Many people are using different technology, such as artificial intelligence, to improve cognitive abilities. For one thing, the military has developed AI that is able to treat psychotherapy patients who are struggling with PTSD. Unless you’ve got a boat load of sme loans, this isn’t technology you’re going to see very soon. It still might be an effective solution for you, however.

While this may seem like a medical advancement and not a cognitive enhancement tool, it is both. Think about how many people aren’t able to do good work because they are anxious or stressed. This could solve that.

This is big news indeed for many of the people who are interested in getting involved with their own brain enhancement.

Tracking Brain Enhancements

Another thing to keep in mind is that EEG and similar types of brain hacking equipment is being more democratized. People are able to get access to the cheaper and more affordable versions of these tools. Not only that, but the tools are increasing in quality so everyone seems to have heart monitors and other related tests in the palm of their hands.

The ability to take these tests and make enhancements to your brain and life is something that most people would have never dreamed of only a few years ago. Yet, it is a major part of how people are using nootropics and other brain enhancing supplements. For example, people are realizing they need to find Adderall alternatives because the drug doesn’t help as much as they thought it did.

The way forward is through this dual effort of nootropics and the technology that is needed to track them. The vast majority of people who are using the drugs will find that they are able to make drastic improvements through only a small period. This is one of the reasons so many people in Silicon Valley are using the drugs.

Of course, if you have never taken smart drugs or nootropics, do not begin with something that is drastic and really high powered. This is not the way to go just because you want to test how it might impact your brain. Make sure you have the tools in place and you have the safety precautions to take it slow and make a real long-term change.