Which Nootropics Make You Happy?






There are many goals for nootropics and most people are interested in seeing memory enhancement or concentration benefits. While these are great to have, it is also nice to find a nootropic to improve mood and happiness as well. While you should be responsible for making yourself happy and becoming addicted to nootropics is not recommended, we have a few natural and synthetic options that can help you to be more happy and enjoy life more.

There are a few different nootropics that will be able to make you happy. Here are a list of the best options to start with:

  1. Mucuna pruriens – this is an herb that is going to help you to improve your mood and happiness because it produces something called L-DOPA. This is a precursor to the brain chemical dopamine, which is the happiness molecule.
  2. Caffeine – if you have had a cup of coffee you have probably felt a little bit better and that is because caffeine can be a great mood enhancer as well. While this is partially due to the fact that it relieves tiredness if you are addicted, a new person to caffeine will see all the benefits. Caffeine paired with l-theanine is an equally effective nootropic stack.
  3. Lemon balm – while lemon balm is usually used as an anxiety-reliever and stress reducer, it is also good for making you feel happy. It has sedative properties that help your body to become more relaxed and it is a great tool for people who are trying to improve their happiness in a more natural way without adding any anxiety or energy into their life

All three of these options are great for adding more happiness into your life, but they are done through different methods. If you are trying to improve your happiness and do not know where to start, try these three and see what you think!

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